the braintree way…

the braintree way…


The first and probably most important question we ask is “what do you really want to achieve with your business?” That question seems so simple but too often experts assume they already know the answer. In our extensive experience, only the people who work in the business can properly answer it. There is a growing trend of IT people forgetting that IT is not about them or what they know, it is about the business and what the business needs.

“it’s about what the business needs…”

At Braintree, we do not make assumptions or bring in pre-conceived solutions. Our expertise is asking the right questions and finding out how your business works. We listen in order to learn, and then to help. Our aim is to assist businesses understand how all their business processes interact and to see how any seemingly narrow issue relates to the business as a whole.

Using this understanding, we utilise a range of effective and practical tools to help our customers generate improvements to increase efficiency, productivity and morale. These enable people in the business to work smarter, faster and happier.

When a business engages with Braintree, they can introduce and sustain effective changes which transform their business. Our approach works because it holistically addresses the needs of the business. The people who will ultimately implement and use the changes have been intensively involved in the process.

Braintree has a strong track record of helping business work better.


It is a simple fact that every business – no matter how well run – will inevitably face issues at some stage. Those issues could include the challenges associated with growth or the pain of things not working as well as they should.

The traditional and understandable response is for the company to ask an expert for help. However, experts tend to squeeze the business into a mould shaped by their own knowledge. As the old saying goes, if all you have is a hammer, pretty much everything looks like a nail. Experts tend to propose a technical solution to a specific issue because that is what they know best.

“most solutions ultimately fail…”

The stark reality is that most of these solutions will ultimately fail to solve the issues. In the end, they fail to meet real expectations and real business needs because issues never exist in isolation – they are always part of a larger system.

Consequently, technical solutions devised in isolation and designed to ‘fix’ a specific problem can actually make the business worse.

In any organisation, all the people and processes form a web of relationships designed to achieve specific business goals.

Any attempts to successfully understand a business must consider all its operations broadly and in depth.

That is where Braintree can help.