“We’ve used Braintree’s services for a number of years now. They are exceptional at providing solutions to our requirements as we grow our business. Whether it be automation, reporting or other IT requirements we would have no hesitation in recommended Braintree.” – Marc Jamieson, Formula (Import Distribution Ltd.)

“Haydn has the ability to take a ‘whole systems’ view of a business. He doesn’t just look at one component of it – such as the accounting system – he looks at every different part, and links them all together.

With his programming knowledge and business practice knowledge, he’s able to link applications quite creatively to provide business owners with more in-depth information than they would get out of a single source.

Haydn is very good at listening to a business’s requirements and adjusting existing systems wherever possible to achieve goals thereby avoiding extra costs of buying totally new systems. He will look for repetitious tasks that shouldn’t be taking up people’s time, and automate these so people can spend time on more productive tasks.

He brings together systems integration experience, breadth of knowledge and sound communication skills, to help raise the productivity and efficiency in any business.”

KC Little • Tricolour Consulting Ltd

“It’s been invaluable having Haydn as the Love to Grow ‘Virtual’ Systems Manager. It’s saved us money, made us more efficient and enabled us to focus our time on the more valuable areas of our business.

Haydn understands the commercial issues that can face our chartered accountancy and business development business.

His wide experience in general management of small and medium sized companies, as well as expertise in both IT and manual systems and processes, makes him invaluable in finding solutions.

Haydn’s work with Love to Grow has improved our business results and avoided any future systems challenges. Because we’re focused on growing our business as well assisting with clients’ growth, it’s critical we deal with a provider who understands both our current stage and future growth requirements.

Although he’s external to our company, I view Haydn as providing a permanent ‘as needed’ role in my internal executive team. I recommend him as a very good team player.”

Trish Love • Love to Grow Chartered Accountants

“Haydn has been amazing. He’s extremely patient, keeps us informed about everything that’s going on and we’ve been very happy to leave the whole process in his hands.

“He’s excellent at marrying up systems to make everything run smoother, requiring less labour and money. By fully integrating our systems, he’s allowed us to cut out an employee, saving us an immense amount of money over time.

“Haydn goes beyond the call of duty, and beyond his brief, to come up with options that look beyond the present and into the long term. He sees what is needed and will make suggestions rather than just fixing what you think is the problem.”

“He’s totally honest and a pleasure to deal with. He never gets ruffled and I know I can always turn to him when I have a problem I don’t know how to solve.”

Judith Lawson • Acton International Marketing Ltd

“Our existing IT system was not designed to capture customer details and transactions when an invoice was being processed. Those details had to be entered again later when we had spare time. It wasn’t very efficient and we got behind. Customer letters were not always going out on time.

Haydn helped us design and implement a system which got it all done at once. This made the entire process much more efficient and timely – capturing all the information we wanted in one go and saving a lot of time. We were very satisfied with the outcome.

In our experience, Haydn is great at suggesting ways to make systems and processes more efficient and effective. He has certainly been a great help.”

David Croad • Tony’s Tyre Service

“Haydn is fabulous to work with. He knows what he is doing but also talks to you in a way that you can understand. He’s always easy to get hold of, always has time for you and deals with problems then and there.

With his help, we joined up two existing systems and added an extension. This reduced double handling of information and made us a lot more efficient with our customer information. Now, everything is being done at the same time, not just when we have time. It involved quite a bit of work but made a huge improvement.

I have recommended Haydn to other businesses and he has been able to help them out too.”

Roz Hansen • Tony’s Tyre Service

“Haydn is brilliant at developing applications and business systems to meet clients needs – such as automating processes to save time and money, and free up staff to concentrate on more valuable and productive activities.

He has an excellent skill set to make businesses run more efficiently.

He’s also very good at talking directly to clients, understanding exactly what they need, and getting the job done.”

Richard McChesney • Reboot Ltd

“Haydn’s superb understanding of business processes, complemented by his great software development skills, means he knows exactly the right questions to ask. This is vitally important for getting to the heart of the matter.

“He gets on well with clients and has a good understanding of their needs by asking the questions that quickly reveal those needs.

“Overall, he saves people money and time by being very good at what he does.”

David Mintrom • Business Bookkeeping Associates Limited