Braintree develops IT systems that integrate and support business workflow processes.

I have over a quarter century of experience in IT improvement work, more than dozen years running businesses in New Zealand and Europe, and a lifetime passion for thinking outside the square.

The Braintree approach involves working within a company to completely understand all their operations – what they do and how they do. By taking the time to study all the business processes and how they interact, we can help develop full, practical solutions which engage staff, improve efficiency and boost the bottom line. Technology should always work for the business, not the other way around.

Customers are our focus and we want to eliminate all the daily frustrations in their workplace. This requires clear, jargon-free communication which helps establish a whole new level of engagement in an organisation. Braintree also assists companies of all sizes systematically focus on the most important issues and deal with them first. This discipline ensures continual and sustainable improvements.

An ideal client would be a business asking “there has to be a better way.” There is – the Braintree Way.

Specialties: Making business work better
Always putting the user and the business first
Understanding businesses from the owners and employees perspective
Harnessing technology to support people and processes
Having the business and technology tools needed to make system improvements
Helping produce happier staff, more efficient processes and a stronger bottom line
Ensuring companies focus on the issues that matter most
Facilitating communication between business people and IT professionals


Some words from Haydn…

“Wherever I worked, I kept encountering clunky systems.

At one firm, I sat at my desk and noticed that there were wear marks on the carpet outside my office.

These were caused by the staff regularly walking in to ask the directors where to find something in the warehouse.

Nobody had a clue where things were. But the Directors knew how everything worked.

My big insight was that I needed to get systems into that knowledge mix. I knew I had succeeded when eventually the staff became involved with selling, upselling and providing great customer service instead of focusing on internal operational activities.”

our people…

Haydn Virtue

The man behind Braintree – Haydn is as unique as the outcomes he creates for every business he works with. Haydn’s incomparable set of skills and life experience allow him to get to the heart of any small or medium sized business and understand its individual nature. Haydn’s talents are the results of:

  • Over 18 years running businesses in New Zealand and overseas
  • 31 years of IT improvements experience
  • A passion for thinking outside the square

Tech Savvy and yet able to communicate at all levels across an organisation, Haydn is completely focused on client results. His talent is in focusing first on what it really happening in the business and then developing systems and processes that deliver true outcomes – making the business work better.

KC Little

KC is a master at developing client’s software specifications and assisting them in getting the most out of applications. She has been working with Sybiz software since 2003, in the delivery of timely, relevant information for management decisions.

KC is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a degree in Business Administration. While initially specializing in US Taxation, KC started supporting accounting software in San Francisco in 1985. As a Certified Public Accountant (the US equivalent of a Chartered Accountant) her knowledge of accounting has provided a huge advantage to the businesses she works with. KC has worked in the US, Australia and New Zealand installing and providing ongoing support of a variety of accounting packages.

Dave Mintrom

For many years, David has been working with small to large enterprises to professionally introduce and support their financial and information technology systems.

Implementation of accounting systems has been a major part of his experience. These systems include Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Evolution, Xero and Sybiz Vision.

David’s background includes banking – involving core banking services, international, investment and IT systems. He has also owned and operated businesses in the tourism, property, accounting and financial IT industries. Together with his rich technical experience, David enjoys working with business people to help them attain their goals.